Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen Serves a Taste of Island Life Near The Parker

October 31, 2020 / editor

Since we can’t go to Jamaica right now, the next best thing is bringing Jamaican food home, right? Well, we’re in luck because one of the newest restaurants in town is serving up just that! You have to add Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen to your list of must-try spots. It’s a no-frills type spot, but honestly, sometimes that means the food is the best because they’re truly focused on the flavors of the food!

The top menu favorites so far are the jerk chicken, always a good go-to, as well as the Jamaican patties. The patties are either beef, chicken, fish, or veggie but everyone raves about each equally, so decide what speaks to you! The rice and peas side dish is the favorite but sometimes runs out at the end of the day so go early.

Takeout is recommended for the time being because seating is limited. But, there’s nothing better than a Jamaican feast in your apartment so give it a taste soon!