Restock on Pet Supplies at The Dog Park

May 15, 2020 / editor

Big-box pet stores contain all the basics most pet owners need, but sometimes you want to treat your canine or feline companion to something special. When that’s the case, pet owners in Alexandria head to The Dog Park (which, despite its name, specializes in goodies for both dogs and cats).

This shop bills itself as a “pet boutique,” and is filled with all kinds of unique items you won’t find anywhere else. Ultra-plush beds and stuffed toys are available, as are customized sweaters and food/water bowls. Organic food and treats line the shelves, along with larger items like play structures and kennels. You can even pick up some pet-themed gifts for your human friends (coffee mugs, picture frames, greeting cards, and more).

The shop is, of course, pet friendly, and whenever your pooch shops with you, they’ll get a free dog treat from the staff.