Earth Day at The Parker

April 20, 2016 / editor

If you have been thinking about going green and adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle, this is the perfect time to start making those changes as April is Earth Month.  Yes, that is right! The entire month of April is dedicated to observing, performing and acknowledging different ways to care for and preserve our precious planet.  When April 22nd became known as Earth Day in 1970 in the United States, it quickly grew to become a worldwide holiday giving way to Earth Week and now Earth Month.  Since we love our planet so much at The Parker, we want to make sure you know how you can make a difference in the environment and community in our own neighborhood!

Right here in Alexandria, we are lucky enough to have an entire day dedicated to celebrating Earth Day.  Get your bike out and head to Braddock Park to participate in Alexandria Earth Day on April 30th from 10am-2pm.  This event is for all ages and will feature exhibits, demonstrations, hands-on activities, food, as well as, an upcycling showcase!

Another great way to make a difference in our community and environment is by volunteering. Celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up our local parks and rivers.  On April 23rd, volunteer to help make the Anacostia River more clean by cleaning up along our local streams that are part of the Anacostia Watershed and then head to RFK Stadium to celebrate the work you have done and Earth Day.  Or, on the same day, head into DC to be part of the 8th annual Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup.  With several sites to choose from, you’ll be able to help make Rock Creek Park and the Potomac River even better and cleaner with others from the community.

Also, there are several activities you can participate in to help and learn how to make the Earth cleaner.  On April 21st and 22nd, take part in the eco-friendly activities at Union Station.  On both days from 10am-5pm there will be exhibits and speeches featuring NASA scientists and astronauts.  Stop by the United States Botanic Gardens on April 22nd from 10am-2pm as they host an open house celebrating Earth Day. On April 23rd from 10am-2pm, head to the National Zoo for their special green-themed activities such as touring the Zoo’s green facilities, getting gardening tips or attending special demonstrations.

No matter what you do to observe Earth Month and Earth Day, it is a great way to jumpstart a more eco-friendly lifestyle and to be reminded of all the easy and simply ways to make our environment better. Soon enough you’ll be making a difference in our community and environment well past the month of April.

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