7 Things We’re Thankful For This Year in Alexandria, VA

November 19, 2015 / editor

It’s almost Thanksgiving—and our lists of things we’re thankful for are overflowing!

We could go on and on about coffee, and freedom, and puppies, and family—OK actually, we’ll do just that in this post. Read on for the 7 things we’re so thankful for this year.

Alexandrians, we’ve got it good. Share what you’re thankful for in the Facebook comments!

1. Our residents…

We’re thankful for every single one of our residents. They make every Parker event so much fun, and they’re becoming more of a family every day. Get out and make an effort to meet your neighbors this season!

(P.S. – Want to join our community? Schedule an appointment today!)

2. …the furry ones, too.

There are so many pet-friendly things to do at The Parker and the surrounding neighborhood! Gallivant around town with your pup, and you’ll be sure to run into new puppy friends (and make new human friends) on the way. There’s nothing like living in an apartment community (and city) that loves your dog as much as you do.

3. Talented local artists.

Alexandria residents are crafty—and they’ve gotten an award to prove it. We’re so thankful to live in a city that takes all things handmade pretty seriously. (Psst…check out our post about holiday events in Alexandriathe Alexandria Holiday Market is included. It’s a great place to pick up unique gifts!)

4. Good beer.

It’s not news that Alexandria has good beer. So when Port City Brewing Company won three medals and the national title for the Best Small Brewery and Best Small Brewer in America at the Great American Beer Festival, we weren’t shocked. It is just a reminder that we need to get out for happy hour sometime this week.

5. Snowy weekends.

Why the weekend? Well, because we could feasibly stay inside all day and just watch the cold pretty flakes accumulate from afar. When it snows during the week, you don’t have the option of staying in your cozy bed with a cup of coffee and your iPad.

6. Cobblestone streets (and people willing to dress up like Martha Washington to keep history alive).

In New York, you get used to seeing all kinds of interesting characters on your evening subway commute. Here, you get used to seeing people in breeches, buckled shoes, and three-cornered hats. It’s just a part of life when you live in a city with this many historic sites and tours. History is alive and well in Alexandria, and you can feel it when you stroll through Old Town’s gorgeous cobblestone streets.

7. Being close to DC…but not being in it.

Nothing against the nation’s capital—we get a magical feeling when we walk through the National Mall, just like everyone else. The things we don’t miss? Constant parking headaches and TRAFFIC. (We love our Metro and Capital Bikeshare.)

Want to have even more things to be thankful for this year? Move into a brand new luxury apartment in Alexandria, and see for yourself what we’re talking about. If you have questions, ask away. Ready to set up an appointment? You can do that here.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you home for the holidays!

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