7 Fun Rainy Day Plans at The Parker

November 5, 2015 / editor

The East Coast weather is special.

For one thing, it rains every season. From summer showers to winter sleet, the rain just doesn’t let up for something as silly as a “summer.”

Quite frankly, we have a love/hate relationship with rain. It’s the cause of traffic snarls, wardrobe malfunctions, and frizzy hair, but it’s also the best excuse to stay inside and watch every episode of CSI ever created. Need more ideas for rainy day plans?

Here are 7 ways to spend a rainy weekend without leaving home.

Tee Off with Virtual Golf

7 Rainy Day Plans at The Parker | The Parker

Our virtual golf simulation room will have you feeling like Jordan Spieth, even if you don’t play like him. Perfect your swing and step out onto the golf course next spring with more confidence. (P.S. this is more realistic than your golfing video game. Consider it your grown-up version.)

Relax in the Resident Lounge

17. The Parker Resident Lounge - Amenities

Sure, you could stay holed up in your room for the entire weekend.

Or, you could come downstairs and hang out in the resident lounge. Watch a show, bring games downstairs, and even invite your neighbors to join you (don’t forget snacks!). You’ll have a fantastic time socializing without stepping foot outside.

Shoot Pool

16. The Parker Clubroom - Amenities

This is another opportunity to further your skills and make new friends at the same time (win-win!). Hone your pool prowess and challenge neighbors to a friendly game while it pours right outside the massive windows.

Work Out


OK, so the gym doesn’t sound like the most appealing plan out of these seven ideas. But when you don’t even have to leave your building to go, there’s no real excuse!

Plus, this isn’t just a lame room in the basement with one treadmill and a set of weights trying to pass as a “gym.” This is the real deal! Work up a sweat in the morning, and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Enjoy a Good Book and a Toasty Fire

2. The Lobby - Amenities

This is your chance to get through that novel your friend recommended months ago! Curl up on the couch near the fire, and expand your mind. This is also a great spot for a small book club, so if you enjoy reading with friends, set up a time to meet.

Make a Dish You’ve Been Wanting to Try

5. The Parker Kitchen - Features

You’ve been pinning to your recipe board on Pinterest for a while now—how many of those recipes have you made yet? Get to work rolling out dough on your quartz kitchen countertops and start baking that pie in your stainless steel oven. You’ll feel like a pro chef.

Don’t enjoy cooking or baking? Sharpen your bartender skills and mix inventive drinks in your gorgeous kitchen. Invite friends to enjoy the results.

Stay in Bed for as Long as Possible

13. Wake Up Inspired - Features

Sure, you could be productive and catch up on laundry. But sometimes, you need to sleep in like a teenager. Stay in bed for as long as you wish and think about how much you love the rain. That is, until it’s Monday and you have to get to work!

Looking for an apartment community where you can stay inside all day and not get bored? Look no further than The Parker. Get in touch with us today and move in before the holidays!

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