Doggy’s Day Out in Pet-friendly Alexandria

October 15, 2015 / editor

One of the best things about living in Alexandria?

This is such a pet-friendly city, particularly for dogs. Not only is there a plethora of activities for you and your pup to participate in, but there are plenty of top notch vets, dog parks, and pet stores all over town. If you live in The Parker’s luxury dog-friendly apartments in Alexandria, then you know how much we value you and your furry BFF!

That’s why we’ve designed the perfect itinerary for a doggie day out in Alexandria. Read on, and get out on the town this weekend with your pup!

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10:00am – On-Site Dog Run

After you’ve gotten your morning coffee at DC Cafe (or perhaps you sprung for a chocolate croissant and cappuccino at Voila Pastry and Cafe), it’s time for a quick morning jaunt around the on-site dog run at The Parker. Meet new friends, and maybe set up some playdates! When you live in the same building with a dog run right downstairs, it’s easy.

11:00am – Spa Time

You start the day with a shower—why shouldn’t your pooch get off to a fresh start? Nail trims, haircuts, baths, whatever your pup needs, get it done at The Parker’s on-site pet spa. Your pet will be more relaxed, and your nose will thank you.

12pm – Stroll down King Street in Old Town

King Street is not just a fantastic destination for shopping, it’s also one of the most dog-friendly streets in the city. Shop owners leave out treats and dog bowls so your dog can get refreshments while you window shop near the waterfront.

12:45pm – Stop for Lunch at Bastille

There are plenty of dog-friendly patios in Alexandria for you to dine out on, but Bastille (606 N. Fayette St. Alexandria, VA 22314) is exceptional. Enjoy yummy French cuisine and a lovely patio while your pup takes a rest.

1:30pm – Check out art at the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Who says dogs don’t get highbrow once in awhile? Bring your dog in to see the Torpedo Factory Art Center (105 N. Union St., Alexandria, VA 22314), and sharpen her artistic appreciation. (We’re halfway serious about that last part.)

2:30pm – The Dog Park Pet Store

Treat time! The Dog Park pet store (705 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314) is just a ten-minute walk from The Torpedo Factory, and it’s full of the best beds, collars, clothes, leashes…the list goes on! Treat your pup to a new toy like this adorable LB Sock Monkey, and watch him go bananas.

3:00pm – Training at Frolick Dogs

OK, now that your pup’s wide awake and has burned some excess energy off, it’s a perfect time to go into Frolick Dogs (3208 Colvin St, Alexandria VA 22314) for some training sessions. If your dog has “sit” and “stay” down pat, and he’s ready for a bigger challenge, enroll in agility classes!

5:00pm – Yappy Hour

At the end of the day, it’s time for good drinks and new friends! Check out the Meetup group for Yappy Hours, or head to the pet-friendly Hotel Monaco for their recurring happy hour every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm in Jackson 20 (480 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314).

There you have it—the perfect day with Fido. By the way, looking for a pet-friendly luxury apartment in Alexandria? Look no further. The Parker is the perfect new place for you and new pet, whether you’re a cat or dog person. Get in touch with us today for details!

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