5 Ways to Be the Best Neighbor Ever at The Parker

October 29, 2015 / editor

We’ve all had bad neighbors, and we’ve all had great neighbors.

The former usually leaves a bad taste in our mouth with his loud, unrelenting music, strange smells seeping under doors, or just plain rudeness. The latter kind is friendly, relaxed, and probably doesn’t hesitate to strike up a conversation (when appropriate).

There’s nothing better than returning home to an apartment community that’s in harmony. Here’s how you can be the best neighbor ever at The Parker!

1. Make an effort to meet your neighbors.

There’s a rather narrow window of time in which you can knock on your neighbor’s door and say hi (without seeming strange). Take advantage of that window and bring over cookies for brownie points. Or brownies for…cookie points? OK, those aren’t a thing. Regardless, it’s a great way to start your relationship with your neighbors off on the right foot.

2. Host a floor-wide party.

You don’t have to be the most social person in the world to host a floor-wide party. And you don’t even have to host it in your apartment—take advantage of our courtyards, club room (with pool table), or media room to host a fun, low-key party to meet your neighbors.

Just hang fliers around the hall, and if you’d like, theme your party according to season! Oh, and keep your eyes open for parties and activities for residents planned by management—they’re a fantastic opportunity to expand your social network within our community.

3. Keep your music/movies/personal DJ down.

What’s loud to one person might be a whisper to another—the best way to gauge whether or not your music or movies are too loud? Step into the hall and close your front door (if you still aren’t sure, your neighbors on either side will probably be happy to let you know). Save your hearing and your relationships with neighbors at the same time!

Oh, and it probably isn’t the best time to take up Irish Step Dancing, either (as cool as it is).

4. Train your dog.

When you close the door and your pup barks to let you know he’s not pleased—do you know if/when he stops barking? Probably not, until your disgruntled neighbor who works from home approaches you and lets you know that Fido hasn’t let up all day. We’ve been there, pet owners!

First, it’s always a great idea to introduce your dog to your neighbors, and to issue an apology (and maybe some treats) for the incessant barking. Then, make sure you get your dog’s energy expelled sufficiently at the on-site dog run, and go to a trainer to learn some techniques to reduce barking. Another great option? Take your pup to daycare, so they can have as much fun as you are all day.

>>Read more about dog care around The Parker!

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

This might be last on the list, but it’s the most important thing on this list! Communication is fundamental to keep any relationship functioning. Make sure that you approach your neighbor first to discuss any issues that arise, and don’t resort to passive-aggressive approaches like notes or text messages. It’s too easy to misinterpret tones, and they can breed more issues (not to mention that awkward moment when you actually see them).


There you have it! Our residents at The Parker are amazing, and probably don’t need this list—but it’s a helpful reference nonetheless. Want to move into the best luxury apartments in Alexandria, VA? Get in touch with us today or schedule a tour to see The Parker in person!

Image Source: Pixabay via condesign

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