It’s Better Breakfast Month: Our Favorite Breakfasts in Alexandria

September 3, 2015 / editor

Alexandria, we’ve got a problem.

31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. That’s right–the most important meal of the day is getting majorly snubbed. The problem? We’re willing to bet it’s that gloppy, boring oatmeal and overly sugary cereal. Nobody’s excited to wake up to that.

The solution? A better breakfast brought to you by some of the best restaurants in Alexandria, VA. So, in honor of September, which is “Better Breakfast Month,” let’s shake those statistics up. Read on for the yummiest breakfasts in Alexandria.

Breakfast #1: For the Weekday Morning Rush

Starbucks (Hoffman Town Center)

No, coffee doesn’t count as breakfast. As much as we wish coffee could constitute a full meal (we do love our coffee), it just won’t keep us full until lunch. We’ll just end up diving into Susan the Receptionist’s candy jar, which doesn’t really have anything but butterscotch left. Not worth it.

But when you’re in a hurry, you can’t cook up some eggs and slice up a bowl of fruit. Instead, grab a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks in the Hoffman Town Center, just a three-minute drive from The Parker. And yes, your beloved coffee. It’s not Misha’s or Killer E.S.P., but nothing beats the fast service at this particular Sbux in the morning.

Breakfast #2: Post Morning Workout

King Street Cafe

The King Street Cafe is a super great place to get a filling breakfast burrito or healthy smoothie. If there’s room, sit down–but really, this breakfast joint was made for walking. Grab your sausage breakfast burrito or refreshing strawberry banana smoothie to go and head to work or off on weekend errands.

Breakfast #3: For a Casual Weekend

Fontaine Caffee & Creperie

Take a 12-minute drive or 15 minute bike ride to Old Town for the best brunch in Alexandria. Fontaine Caffee & Creperie is our personal favorite, and plenty of Yelp reviewers agree. Try the “Playtime,” a melty ham and cheese crepe made with a buckwheat flour batter. It’s a throwback to younger days that does justice to your adult palate. The Parisienne is the absolute fan favorite–it’s a savory roasted herb chicken breast crepe with ratatouille and brie. (Pro tip: return every Thursday night for French Movie Night at 7pm.)

Breakfast #4: For Brunch With a Big Group


Yes, BRABO’s fancier than your average breakfast spot. And you may have actually been here the night before at Happy Hour. Nevermind–their brunch food is amazing. Get a fresh-squeezed orange juice and a belgian waffle with fruit compote, whipped cream, and Pennsylvania maple syrup (if you’re not trying to be healthy). For the adventurous, go for the Duck Confit Omelette, made with three farm eggs, gruyere, and a potato cake.


Whatever kind of breakfast eater you are, there’s something for you in Alexandria. What are you waiting for? Let’s start shifting those statistics about American breakfast eaters right here at home. Speaking of home, if you’re seeking a luxury apartment in Alexandria, give us a call. We think you’ll fit right in here!


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