Elegant and Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

September 10, 2015 / editor

Ready or not, mug-and-scarf weather is coming.

We’d rather be ready, so we’re preparing now by planning fall decor. Believe it or not, “fall decor” doesn’t have to equal cheesy scarecrows and bright orange fabric leaves.

Get into the swing of the season with cozy and elegant ideas for decor that will make your luxury apartment feel even more luxurious. Here are our favorite fall decor ideas–handpicked from Pinterest–none of which should take longer than an hour to wrap up.

1. Use Gold Spray Paint

There are so many ways to use gold paint. If you don’t own a can, go out and get one (or five). You’ll find they’re more versatile than you think, and can be used across multiple seasons. Our favorite way to use the gilded spray? On pumpkins, to start. Forgo the carving knife this year, and snag unique heirloom pumpkins for whimsical results. Almost everything you touch with gold spray paint will automatically look classier. Check out the examples below for ideas, and get started, fairy godmother style:

 – Simply Golden Pumpkins

 – Carved and Gilded Pumpkins

 – Gold Painted Leaves

2. Ditch the Orange Pumpkins

There’s a huge trend in pumpkins right now (not sure if you’ve kept up): and it’s white pumpkins over orange. It’s a simple change, but it has a huge impact on the way your centerpieces, stairwells, and mantels look–elegant and clean. Particularly if you pair a white pumpkin with the aforementioned gold paint. There many are other ways to make white pumpkins even more showstopping too.

(Side note: this is the last you’ll hear of pumpkins on this list. We promise.)

– Drilled Pumpkin Patterns

– Monogrammed Pumpkins

– Black and White Painted Pumpkins

3. Simplify Arrangements

If the elaborate leaf-and-twig covered tables of holidays past left a bad taste in your mouth, we’ve got the antidote: simplicity. For elegant decor, simplicity is key. It was actually tough to find minimalist arrangements, perhaps because they need no Pinterest tutorials. Check out the following great examples:

– Vintage Vase with Berry Sprigs

– Painted Warm Pastel Vases

– Amber Vases with Dried Wheat

4. Not Your Mother’s Candle Holders

Well, maybe these were your great-great-great grandmother’s candle holders. Check out some of our top picks for easy, beautiful (sometimes old school) candle holder ideas. Our goal: accentuate the warm candlelight, don’t smother it.

– Wine Bottle Candle Holders

– Faux Mercury Candle Holders

– Reclaimed Beer Bottle Candles

5. Swap Out Lighter Throws for Cozier Fabrics

You won’t have to turn up the heat when you switch out your cotton throws for faux fur or plaid flannel. Beware of curling up in these before work: you may not make it out of the house.

– Gray Ombre Fur Throw

– Plaid Blankets

– Chunky Knit Blankets

6. DIY Fall Home Scents

We know now that scented candles and beloved air fresheners we’ve relied on forever can cause allergies, according to NPR. So how are we going to keep that spicy fall apple scent going on in our home all season long? Good news. There are easy–and natural–ways to accomplish that coveted smell.

– Easy Stovetop Air Freshener

– DIY Autumn Room Spray

– DIY Beeswax/Coconut Spice Candles


Once you’ve accomplished your fall home goals, relax, and take it all in. Oh, and for more ideas about making the most of your life in Alexandria, follow The Parker’s Pinterest page. We’ve got everything from Apartment Decor to our Favorite Recipes covered.

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Image Source: Unsplash via Alice Hampson

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