From Dogs to Dave Grohl: The Ten Reasons We Love Alexandria, VA

August 27, 2015 / editor

What do you do when you fall in love with a city?

Write a love letter, of course. There are so many amazing things about living outside the hustle and bustle of DC–and Alexandria holds the key to our happiness. Now, for some fun facts, and the top ten reasons we love Alexandria, VA.

1) Dave Grohl went to high school in Alexandria…

Who doesn’t love Dave? He can do no wrong. He’s been called the “coolest dude in music,” “everyone’s best friend,”and just plain “awesome.”

Grohl may be the most popular guy in music today, and he went to high school right here in Alexandria, at Thomas Jefferson High (and two others). Apparently, at TJH, he started a tradition of blasting music in the morning over the intercom that’s continued to this day. If you know anything about Grohl, you know he loves coffee. We’re willing to bet he’d show up at one of our favorite coffee spots in Alexandria.

2) The creator of House of Cards grew up here.

If you haven’t seen this outstanding Netflix series yet, you need to clear your calendar tonight and just binge watch as much as possible. (Yes, even if you’ve heard every spoiler possible from coworkers.) This uber popular show was created by–you guessed it–an Alexandria native, Beau Willimon.

3) We deal with problems…effectively.

Just tucked away on Queen Street in Old Town, you may have noticed a home that’s–well, strangely miniature–with a backstory that’s just as strange. In what is probably one of the most passive aggressive moves made in history, one Alexandria resident built a 7-feet-wide, 25-feet-deep “Spite House” to keep those pesky horse-drawn wagons and hooligans out of his alley.

(Interestingly, both Boston and NYC have their own versions. This man wasn’t alone in his rage.)

4) You don’t need a car to live here.

If you live at The Parker, you’re right above the Huntington Metro Station, and you know that you really don’t need a car to live in Alexandria. There is a plethora of travel options here: bike shares, Zipcars, Ubers, taxis, and the free King Street Trolley will keep you moving–to work, or to play.

5) We turned an actual wartime torpedo factory into an art gallery.

If you think your hometown’s museums are the best, it’s time to visit Alexandria. Our Torpedo Art Factory is one of our favorite art galleries/event spaces/home of an actual torpedo that we’ve ever been to–and it’s home to the largest collection of publicly accessible working artist studios in the US. You actually get to talk to the artists as they work, and can even sign up for art classes.

6) There are 112 city parks in Alexandria.

What can we say? We know the value of green space for human beings. It makes us feel much healthier and happier every day.

7) One out of every four Alexandria residents is a dog.

It’s true.

Alexandria is an extremely dog-friendly city, and not just in a “we have a few dog parks” kind of way. Here, your furry bff is celebrated with parades, special dog cruises, and pet-friendly hotels. (It’s why we chose to make all of our luxury apartments in Alexandria dog friendly.)

8) We have an official theme song.

This guy really got excited about Alexandria, and–with a little help from Alexandria Living–created an official theme song for our city called, “There’s Something ‘Bout AVA.” In about three minutes, he covers nearly everything we love about AVA. Even the abundance of bricks.

9) Old Town, and more importantly The Avenue (Del Ray)

We love Alexandria’s Old Town–all of that history, beauty, The Potomac, the shopping, the restaurants–it’s great. But the locals know that The Avenue is where it’s at. Birchmere Music Hall hosts some great acts, The Dairy Godmother serves heavenly ice cream, and the mac ‘n’ cheese at the Cheesetique is mouthwatering–it’s hard to beat the Del Ray neighborhood for a night out.

10) We’re #13 Out Of 405 As The Best City In The U.S. For Women Entrepreneurs To Launch a Business

Whew. That was a long headline. But this is too awesome not to share. This ranking is based on “core economic strength, business climate for women, professional networking potential, and female educational values”–which Alexandria has in spades.


There are so many reasons to love Alexandria, it’s hard to keep this list under 10. Side note: if you’re convinced that Alexandria’s your soulmate, and you’re looking for a luxury apartment near the Huntington Metro, get in touch with us at The Parker today.

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Image Source: Flickr via Boston Public Library

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