Never Bean Better: Our Favorite Coffee in Old Town Alexandria

July 16, 2015 / editor

Alexandria, you’ve outdone yourself. We Alexandrians have been shamelessly spoiled by some of the best restaurants, attractions, and yes, coffee–that we’ve ever had.

There’s no need to keep going to the same commercialized coffee spot when the local coffee spots are this good. Now, for our favorite spots to get coffee in Old Town Alexandria–each one as unique and luxurious as your brand new apartment in Alexandria.

Killer E.S.P.

1012 King St.

Sometimes, you need more than just coffee to get you through the day. Killer E.S.P. stands for Killer Espresso, Sorbet, and Pie – and the decadent drinks and desserts certainly live up to their name. While some coffee shops throw a few muffins in their case as an afterthought, Killer E.S.P, places a high priority on creating only the highest quality – dare we say, killer – pies and gelatos. And let’s not forget the coffee. This coffeehouse serves up Portland’s iconic and rich Stumptown brews. If you’re into dessert-like coffee beverages, the Nutella latte hits all the right notes.


102 S Patrick St.

Best not to drive to this local favorite – ride your bike and avoid the parking situation. Lock up your bike, and peruse the whimsical menu, made from bright magnetic letters like your childhood fridge. If you’re on the hunt for a coffee shop that’s married to the full process of creating good coffee, Misha’s is a good bet. They roast their beans in house–yummy smells abound–and though the ambiance/seating could be better (it’s cramped like their parking spaces), we won’t complain. Our delicious iced mochas are keeping us far too busy for that.

Old Town Coffee Tea & Spice

215 S Union St

Tea fans go ga-ga over this spot, but the coffee game is strong here. This independent coffee and tea haven is tucked away on Union Street, and it’s well worth the visit if you are a fan of buying in bulk and creating your own brews at home. Old Town Coffee Tea & Spice gets rave reviews for delicious (and affordable) loose tea leaves and perfectly roasted beans and grounds. If you want to get a drink to go, grab an expertly blended latte.


This is more than coffee. If you’re a wino, beano, and foodie, this is your spot. If you like the sound of mission fig and gorgonzola salad, charcuterie plates, and soft breads, this is your spot. If you’re a human being and you like good things, this is your spot. Are you starting to understand how great GRAPE + BEAN is yet? Enjoy stunning taste quality from Counter Culture beans and experience true caffeinated joy alongside your truffled egg toast. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy your next Sunday brunch.

There you have it–the best spots to get coffee in Old Town Alexandria not too far from The Parker. If you don’t already love coffee, you’re bound to love it when you live here.

Speaking of living here, are you looking for a new luxury apartment in Virginia? Check out The Parker at Huntington Metro, and better take that coffee to go–you can schedule a tour to experience our community for yourself.

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