A Cut Above the Rest: Birchmere Music Hall

July 2, 2015 / editor

Birchmere Music Hall has been a cornerstone of the Alexandria music scene since the late 60s, and moved to their current location in ‘97. If you haven’t crowded into this hall alongside 499 others to see one of the best shows of your life – well, you haven’t really lived yet.

This hall’s hosted some legendary acts – Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Donovan, Dave Matthews, and Psychedelic Furs have all graced the mainstage. Here’s what sets the Birchmere Music Hall apart from a host of other music venues on the east side.

No Food and Drink Minimums

How many times have you been to a “free” show where you were pressured into buying a drink in order to stay? Although Birchmere serves food (and in fact, includes a sit-down area with tables), you don’t have to buy anything. Of course, food purchases are up to you – skip the bread pudding, shrimp ‘n’ grits, and nachos, and go for the catfish, rice, and red beans. According to numerous reviews, they’re your safest bet for a great meal.

Versatile Stages

Moving side to side or sitting down might cut it for some bands, but for others – you just need to get up and dance. Birchmere’s versatile because they not only have a main stage, but also a “Flex” stage, where everyone can get their groove on. And, as one reviewer pointed out, having both stages makes this venue “totally accommodating to any artist or genre of music.”

Sound Quality

There’s a reason artists LOVE recording their live studio albums here. The audio mixers expertly mix live sounds to provide the best possible music. They’re truly passionate about what they do (see their video interview), and you can tell. Every performer gets their own personal sound mix in their ear, and they get to choose exactly what they want to hear. (Hey, when the performer’s happy, everyone’s happy.)

Not a Bad Seat in the House

You’ll definitely want to arrive at least an hour before any show if you want to be closer to the stage (stop by the Birchmere store or grab a drink if you’re bored), but even if you’re late, you’ll have a decent view. This is an intimate venue (500 max capacity in the main stage area), so most of the crowd will experience the same thing. You could call it the “great equalizer” – because in that regard, it definitely beats out massive arenas where lower paying attendees have to squint to make out the musician’s eyes.

Free (SAFE) Parking

Again, arrive early – but how often, in metro areas, can you get free parking anymore? Not only is it free, but it’s well lit. On top of that – it’s only a 15 minute drive from The Parker. Pro tip: Park far from the entrance, suffer the longer walk, and you’ll be able to make a quick getaway after the show.

All set to see a show? Just to recap some helpful hints:Don’t try to take photos, don’t ask for a glass of tap water (they only sell bottles), make sure you get there at least an hour early, and go to the bathroom beforehand. That’s about all you need to know before you experience the show of a lifetime!

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