Activities Near the Alexandria Waterfront

July 9, 2015 / editor

The Alexandria waterfront is the perfect place to relax this weekend. Whether you’re taking a weekday off for a breather, or enjoying a Saturday in Virginia, you’re sure to find something to love in this history-steeped region.

Speaking of history – did you know that Alexandria’s Old Town – and much of the waterfront – was allocated to help form Washington D.C., then retroceded back into VA in 1846? Yep, we’re glad to have it back.

Here are some of the most entertaining activities near the Alexandria Waterfront:

Getting Around

Just bike, drive (10-15 minutes), or take the train (30 minutes) east of The Parker, and you’ll be in the heart of Old Town. Our luxury VA apartments are close to everything. That’s one of the reasons you’ll love it here! Once you arrive in the area, dock your bike, park your car, or jump off the train, and get ready to start exploring. If you find your feet getting tired while here, you can always hitch a ride on the free King Street Trolley, which leads straight out to the Potomac.


Eat Out (and Enjoy the View)

There are tons of amazing restaurants on King Street, but if you really want to soak up the essence of the Waterfront, you’ll head to The Waterfront Market & Cafe, Chart House, or Blackwall Hitch, where you can take in the view while enjoying a delicious meal. If the weather’s nice, get sushi to go at The Waterfront or a beer battered cod sandwich at Chart House, and head out to the Waterfront Park to enjoy a refreshing picnic with an Atlantic breeze.


We’re On a Boat

Enjoying your view of The Potomac from the banks of Alexandria? It’s time to switch things up and the Potomac Riverboat is just the thing. Take their Alexandria by Water Seaport Cruise, and enjoy unobstructed views of Founders Park, Old Town Yacht Basin, Admiral’s Row, Jones Point Lighthouse, and every other landmark on the waterfront! Buy your ticket to reserve your spot today.

Want to cross the river into DC? Do it in the most relaxing, hassle free way – via the water taxi. It’s $28 round trip, and $14 one way – but we’re pretty sure you’ll want to return at the end of the day, so buy the latter ticket.


Check Out Other Attractions

If you’re in the mood for something more active than eating/easy sightseeing, take a short walk to the Torpedo Factory Art Center or head to the Historic Alexandria History Center and Museum Store. They’re both easily accessible and highly entertaining!


And at the end of your day, if you have energy to spare, head out for a drink in one of the best cities on the East Coast. Looking for a luxury apartment in Virginia to match your unique lifestyle? Look no further than The Parker at Huntington Metro. We’re leasing soon – get in touch with us today to secure your spot!

Image Source: Pixabay

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