7 Unique Restaurants and Breweries in Alexandria

June 25, 2015 / editor

Virginia has more than its fair share of beer lovers, and so many brewery tours it would make your head spin (and not just because of the alcohol).

From Hobbiton-themed spots to historic buildings, there’s plenty to love about these restaurants. The best part? They’re not too far from your luxury apartment at the foot of the Huntington Metro for easy transportation.

Here are some of our top 7 favorite unique restaurants and breweries in Alexandria, along with what makes each stand out:


#1: Best Theme – Bilbo Baggins Restaurant
Even if you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan, this quaint little family-owned restaurant and pub is well worth the visit. The founder, a traveling culinary artist, discovered the homey space in the 80s, and decided it would make the perfect hobbit hole for culinary delights. (Don’t worry, he’s been approved to use the Tolkein name by the Tolkein foundation.)

Enjoy a dinner of cedar plank salmon with fresh asparagus and ginger infused spinach, or go all out LotR and order Frodo’s pie – with spicy beef & pork meatballs, tomato, and melty mozzarella and parm cheese. Do as the hobbits do, and wash it all down with a pint of ale.


#2: Most Eco-Friendly – Virtue Feed and Grain

When we say “eco-friendly,” we’re not exaggerating. Virtue Feed and Grain used to be a feed house, and everything in this airy joint has been repurposed from recycled materials or renovated using period construction materials. The result is a mix of comfortable broken-in leathers, smooth aged wood, and a rustic look that’s quite timeless – you won’t feel like you’re in a barn.

Start off with with the cast-iron seared Chesapeake crabcake with sweet jalepeno slaw and tangy citrus butter sauce. Then, ask for your preferred beer and the fish and grits – pan blackened red snapper, clams, anson mills grits, and crawfish tomato sauce.


#3: Biggest Crowd Pleaser – Port City Brewing

That’s right – this place was voted the Best Local Brewery 2015 in a Best of D.C. poll for its “Locally brewed beer, casual atmosphere, and excellent live music.”

We recommend you start with a tour and tasting, then you’ll be able to make an educated decision while hanging out that evening. There’s plenty of beer to choose from – the Optimal Wit’s a great choice for summer, and if you’re a Port person, you’ll love their Port City Porter. Our recommendation? You might want to skip dinner…the beer here is just that good. You’ll want multiples.


#4: Coolest Building – Union Street Public House

Like Virtue Feed and Grain, the Union Street Public House repurposed its home – a renovated Colonial warehouse. This spots right on the waterfront, so naturally, they have the very best seafood. Try the oysters and bacon (is anything with bacon bad?) and opt for the catch of the day. Fresh fish + oysters + good beer = New England heaven.


#5: Most Proud-to-be-an-AmericanJackson 20

Jackson 20’s named after one of our most social presidents, Andrew Jackson. Come here for a good time, solid drinks, and simple American dishes with luxe twists, like the New Frontier Bison Farm Burger with Dunbarton blue cheese, tomato marmalade, hen egg, black pepper thyme aioli, brioche, and fries on the side. Splurge to add pan seared foie gras if you’re in the mood.

Another awesome thing about this place? The Porchetta Parties. Yes, they’re as great as they sound.


#6: Most Proud-to-be-an-Dubliner – Eamonns Dublin Chipper

Another solid fish joint (if you’re not a fish person, you’re probably not from here…but you’ll learn). Eamonn’s all about Cod, that cold water fish with flaky, mild meat. In fact, it says “Thanks be to Cod” on the door – you know they’re serious. This isn’t the spot to go if you’re attempting to slim down for summer, but it’s sure a good cheat meal if you’re on a diet. Go for the Chip Butty and regular Cod, and enter heaven.


#7: Foodie Paradise – Society Fair

If you are a foodie – you probably adore this spot. Their menu alone is to die for, featuring everything from a classic French Nicoise Salad to Gumbo Loisiane. You’ve no doubt been to one of the demos, with a four course food and wine dinner. If you haven’t been, you should head there this Friday. Wine buffs will enjoy the “Drink Yourself Blind” event, which isn’t nearly as wild as it sounds. Bring your wine chops and guess which tastes go with which grapes.


Didn’t think you could love Alexandria more, huh? If you’re still looking for the perfect luxury apartment in Virginia that’s close to all of the best restaurants and breweries, look no further than The Parker. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

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