Dine Al Fresco: Outdoor Dining in Alexandria

May 28, 2015 / editor

Planning devouring that salad at your desk again this afternoon? Don’t – unless you want to be more miserable at work! A 2013 study showed that you’ll be more positive if you grab lunch outside the office. This translates to any time of day too (i.e., eating dinner mindlessly in front of the tv).

Although “eating sandwiches on the beach” was found to boost the mood most, there’s no need to make a trip to the shore. Even a park bench near greenery works! Start outdoor dining in Alexandria near the The Parker to boost your happiness today. Google driving directions are linked below each restaurant name, but if you really want an extra endorphin rush, bike or run to these top picks!


Saving up for your summer Cayman Islands vacay? Pack a delicious meal, and head to one of the following parks near The Parker for a relaxing meal experience:


If you’re in the mood to treat yourself to a lunch or dinner (or breakfast, for that matter) out today, here are our top 8 outdoor eateries. Many of these restaurants are super close to your apartments in Alexandria, VA, and you can choose to bike or take a quick drive over. All are around 10 minutes away, if not closer!


1) Columbia Firehouse (9109 S St. Asaph St) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Roasted Chesapeake oysters with lime, chili butter, and toasted cornbread.


2) Walker’s Grille (6909 Metro Park Dr) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Truffled pomme frites with shaved asiago.


3) Cheesetique (2411 Mount Vernon Ave) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Mac ‘n’ cheesetique with goat gouda, asiago and cacio di roma, topped with truffle-infused bread crumbs.


4) Delia’s (209 Swamp Fox Rd) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Tuscan homemade caprese flatbread with tender field greens, diced tomato, sliced kalamata olive, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil.


5) Carlyle (4000 Campbell Ave) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Blue crab fritters.


6) Hawwi Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant (1125 Queen St) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Vegan sampler.


7) Hank’s Oyster Bar (1026 King St) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Fried oysters.


8) Fairfax Deli (801 N Fairfax St) Driving directions

Menu must-try: Monster steak and cheese.


Whatever you choose to enjoy – and where you choose to enjoy it – you can’t go wrong when you go with this list. And if you’re looking for an amazing apartment to call home in Alexandria, you really can’t go wrong with The Parker. Sign up for more information today!

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